Double eyelid surgery is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures for Asians. Asian and western eyelids have different anatomy, and thus traditional upper eyelid surgery techniques do not apply. Asian eyelids often do not have the usual attachments between the upper eyelid muscle and the skin that western eyelids contain. This results in an absence of an upper eyelid crease. Some Asian eyelids do, indeed, contain creases, which are frequently located lower (closer to the eyelash line). Asian eyelids also often appear “puffier” or fuller than western eyelids due to an increased fat layer under the skin and from orbital fat protrusion.


What Is Double Eyelid Incision Surgery?


The incision technique makes double eyelid by manipulating muscle and skin which enable you open your eyes, so it is suitable for eyes with thick skin, muscle and fat or with eyelids weighed down. It requires longer recovery period comparing to buried suture technique, but do make a deep clear double eyelid even on an eye weighed down with thick skin boasting very low possibility of disappearance. The operation can be conducted along with additional treatments such as blepharoptosis correction and removal of fat and skin weighed down.


  1. Designing the most ideal height and shape of double eyelid through a consultation

  1. Removing unnecessary fat and muscle following the incision line

  1. Connecting skin and muscle and carefully suturing the connected parts

  1. Completing clear and bright eyes

What Is Non-Incision Double Eyelid Surgery?


The non-incision technique allows surgery to be performed without any incision of the eyelid and only using sutures through a number of small pin holes. This simple procedure aids a quicker recovery with minimal swelling.


The procedure is most suitable for clients who have relatively small amounts of muscle and fat around the eyes. (This means that non-incision double eyelid is suitable for patients who don’t have puffy and thick skin eyes due to big amount of muscle, upper eye fat and thick skin)


  1. An initial consultation to determine the most ideal height and shape of the double eyelid.



  1. Small pinhole incisions are made along the eyelid line.



  1. Micro thread is used to secure the position of the double eyelid.



  1. Superior surgical finish resulting in naturally-shaped, scar-free double eyelids.