Now you can understand your DNA with this new service at 3AC


Your DNA contains the genetic instructions to make enzymes that govern every life sustaining event in your body.  Moods, concentration, focus, energy production, detoxification, immunity, digestion, heart health and much more are all directed by your DNA.  However, our DNA is under assault from the toxins in our bodies to the emotional stress that we create for ourselves. Also, your parents may have given you some defective genes.  The foods you eat and the stress your experience are influencing your DNA (hard drive) through the epigenome which is the software that determines which genes will be active.





All in all, DNA science is complex and confusing, even to most doctors.  However, now you can navigate this key topic and better understand the root causes of disease.


MethylGenetic Nutrition Analysis program is to educate you on how genetic information can improve your health. The program is taking functional medicine and health care into a new paradigm, and finding answers not available before.


The MethylGenetic report is designed to help you discover where your body may be lacking the production of antioxidants, and other nutrients and molecules needed for health.  This report focuses on the DNA that makes antioxidants, which neutralize the harmful free radicals and other important nutrients like folate, B12, SAMe, choline and enzymes that help the body rebuild and restore itself and enzymes that help you handle gluten and break down histamine.  It also reports on genes that help create and breakdown neurotransmitters that may impact mood.  It’s important to know, just because you have the variants, doesn’t mean they are being what is called, ‘expressed’ or having an impact on you.  If they are expressing, we need to find out why and calm them down.


Nutritional DNA testing is related to using your DNA information to determine how you can supplement and compensate for nutritional deficiencies that are a result of your inherited DNA. Your DNA makes the enzymes (SNPs) in the corresponding pathways. When these pathways are clogged, inflammation and chronic disease prevail. We can compensate for these nutritional deficiencies we inherited with supplement and dietary modifications and by looking ahead and practicing prevention.  It’s really all about epigenetics!


If you have a chronic illness or Lyme Disease, you will find this analysis profoundly eye-opening. The data collected indicated that specific genetic variants are common in those with Lyme Disease and/or chronic illness!  The program examined over several hundreds of genes that are involved with mitochondria function, methylation, neurotransmitter production, antioxidant production and patterns that may result in excess production of oxidative stress, including superoxide, glutamate, ammonia, and peroxynitrite.  The results were fascinating and give us the knowledge necessary to help those suffering from illnesses due to these genetic variant patterns.


This consult will guide you through a systematically organized, customized genetic interpretation, lifestyle and dietary suggestion as well as appropriate ‘epigenetic’ nutritional supplementation to help the body heal naturally and avoid future issues.