InterFuse Treatment Cream FACE

A peptide-rich formula, masterfully designed to defy time.


A peptide-rich formula, masterfully designed to defy time.



Daily Treatment Cream FACE, a cutting edge approach to collagen. Revolutionary InterFuse™ patented technology, an exclusive and proprietary delivery system, drives a unique messenger peptide blend to help skin appear more youthful. The lightweight texture forms a breathable moisturizing barrier to keep skin hydrated and radiant. This vital age defense product combined with Rejuvenate Smoothing Intensive Treatment LINES is a complete approach to skin renewal.


Revolutionary InterFuse™ patented technology delivers a super-potent blend of messenger peptides to nourish the skin.
A neuro-calming peptide offers an immediate smoothing effect.
Formulated with super-potent polyphenols derived from Mediterranean olive trees; this “first press” of age minimizing antioxidants.
An exclusive blend of hydrating ingredients provides a breathable layer of moisture to give skin a radiant glow.


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